Sadaf Kanwal being trolled on Twitter for body fat shaming

Pakistani model Sadaf Kanwal has been slammed on social media for encouraging the body-shaming of women.

The outrage sparked after Sadaf Kanwal uploaded a picture of model Alyzeh Gabol on a social networking website. In the image, Gabol can be seen holding up her cellphone with a picture of a seemingly over-weight woman. Sadaf Kanwal chose to caption the image as future, insinuating that if Gabol could at some point in the future look like the women on the screen.

After which journalist Alia Chughtai wrote on Twitter: So we have another fat shamer so-called celebrity who thinks its funny to make fun of fat people, Sadaf Kanwal.

Others agreed with Chughtais comment.

This isnt the first time Sadaf Kanwal has been embroiled in controversy. Last year, she questioned the intentions of #Metoo victims. On a show, she said that if a woman is harassed she should say it then. Why are you remembering it later?


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