Summer Solstice: 21st June Recorded Longest Day of The Year 2018


Today was recorded as summer solstice, the longest day of the current year, 2018.

The longest day of the year, known as summer solstice was observed today.

This phenomenon occurs when the Southern Hemisphere inclines most towards our sun. This causes the peak duration of sunlight reaching the world in the whole year.

This marks the coming of summer and in some cultures it is revered a symbol of fertility.

The solstice occurs two times every year, one being the summer solstice other being winter solstice.

The winter solstice is the opposite phenomenon from the summer one where the duration of the sunlight is shortest in the whole year.

The winter solstice marks the start of winter and occurs when the Northern Hemisphere inclines most towards our sun.

Other names for summer solstice include, June solstice, midsummer, estival solstice and Litha.

While other names for winter solstice include december solstice, midwinter, extreme winter.

Both are astronomical phenomenon, where longest day of the year happens on 20 to 22 June while shortest one happens on 20 to 22 December.


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