Top searching words in Urdu


If you want to know the key information about top searching words in Urdu, then just read this article.

The Urdu language is among the top languages in the world with around 67 million native speakers and 102 million second language speakers. It is the national language of Pakistan and also included among the official Indian languages.

On the other side, English is the global language and has a presence all around the globe. Due to the global presence of English, it becomes necessary to be aware with this language. However, the non-native English speakers use dictionary to understand and learn English. Urdu native speakers use English to Urdu dictionary to learn the meaning of difficult words.

Top Searching Words in Urdu

Here we mentioned some top searching words in Urdu.

Grade meaning in Urdu

Sentences meaning in Urdu

Translation meaning in Urdu

Rain meaning in Urdu

Insane meaning in Urdu

Difficult meaning in Urdu

Occupied meaning in Urdu

Vessel meaning in Urdu

Literally meaning in Urdu

Spouse meaning in Urdu


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