Wasim Akram Leads Pakistan’s NFT Revolution


BitBlaze is excited to announce the launch of an exclusive limited-edition collection of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) featuring cricket heroes from Pakistan, including the legendary Wasim Akram.

Previous NFT Collections comprised of media and sports celebrities, such as the singer Lewis Capaldi and England ex-footballer Michael Owen to name a few. Featuring top artists and indemand content exclusively available on Binance NFT, the upcoming collection is no different.

Binance, the world’s leading blockchain ecosystem and cryptocurrency exchange, will host and sell the NFTs on its forthcoming NFT marketplace, which launches on June 24th . The sale will take the form of a 7-day auction where anyone globally will be able to participate and trade on the platform. Binance NFT will bring together artists, creators and crypto enthusiasts from around the world with a minimal fee for users and creators alike.

Wasim Akram said, “It’s been incredible to see the rise of digital art collectibles, and I’m delighted to find another avenue to engage with cricket fans all over the world. It’s exciting to think that blockchain technology now gives these incredible memories a permanent home, and a way to capture these special moments in Pakistan’s cricket history.”

Abdelhamid Benyahia, Operations Manager at Binance MENA, said: “We are especially excited to host BitBlaze as part of our 100 creators on Binance NFT. Their series of cricket NFTs are sure to have a wide appeal, and we are pleased to announce that one of the first NFTs will feature World Cup-winning athlete and global sporting icon, Wasim Akram.”

This particular collection will include never-seen-before images from the unforgettable World Cup final triumph against England in 1992.


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