4 cops suspended for the couple harassment at Sea View Karachi


4 cops are now suspended as they involved in the couple harassment in karachi.

For doing couple harassment, cops are suspended as they mishandled the couple and asked them to show Nikahnama (marriage certificate). The viral video revealed that cops mishandled woman as she tried to make their video. The man also screamed in video that they are a married couple.

Dr Amir Sheikh, Additional Inspector General (IG) of Police also took notice of the couple harassment video. Karachi police chief revealed that 4 cops were suspended after taken into custody.

In October 2018, Dr Amir Sheikh warned that they take strict action against officers who harass young couples and ask them for marriage certificates. In a letter written to the deputy inspector-generals (DIGs) of the three zones in Karachi, Dr Sheikh had called for immediate action against such police officers.

According to the letter, it warned that complaints related to police officers asking for proof of marriage especially from females should not be heard again. Karachi police chief said that strict action will be taken against those police officers deployed at the beach and other places.


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