4 Kashmiris Martyred in IoK During Search Operation by Indian Military


SRINAGAR: Four Kashmiris were martyred while more than dozen were injured by Indian Military forces in IoK.

In what they call a siege and search operation, the Indian Military forces continue brutality on Kashmiris in IoK. Today the forces open fired on a house in Anantnag district in their search and cordon operation.

During the firing, the owner of the house, Muhammad Yousuf was killed. The wife of the owner, Hafeeza Begum, was critically wounded in the firing as well.

The Indian forces gave three other  Kashmiri youth martyrdom during their brutal search and cordon operation. They destroyed a house with their indiscriminate firing. While protests sparked in the area against their brutality.

The protesters clashed with the Indian forces in which the forces used pellets and tear gas on the protesting crowd. Many people got wounded and suffered injuries from the pellets while tear gas caused breathing problems for others.

The United Nations had issued a report against the ongoing state terrorism in IoK. The report states that India has been using excessive force against the civilians. The report also asks for an inquiry into the use of excessive force to kill and wound civilians.

United Nations report compiled from data compiled from 2016 to the current year.


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