6 Miners Dead as Gas Fills up in Mine at Surab


Surab: 6 Miners found dead as deadly gas fills up a mine in Surab in Bolan District of Baluchistan. The mine was filled up with poisonous gas where the miners suffocated and died.

The bodies of the suffocated miners were taken out of the mine by other miners present on the mining site. The bodies were shifted to the nearest Hospital.The authorities claim that the miners did not have any permit to mine, so the miners were mining illegally.

Missing tourists in Bolan found

While on the other hand the missing tourists were found in an area of Bolan where they were said to have been camping. They had lost their way back to Bolan, according to the tourists. The authorities transported the missing tourists back to Bolan under security surveillance, from where they will be taken to Islamabad.


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