Al Azizia Reference: Nawaz Sharif filed supplementary plea in IHC


Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif submitted the supplementary plea in the Al Azizia reference in Islamabad High Court or IHC.

In Al Azizia reference, Nawaz Sharif filed the supplementary plea in IHC on Tuesday (today). However, Nawaz Sharif submitted the appeal against the court verdict and also submitted the plea seeking the suspension of his jail term.

Yesterday, In Flagship and Al Azizia case, IHC heard appeals of NAB and former PM Nawaz Sharif. IHC two member bench comprising Justice Aamer Farooq and Justice Athar Minallah will hear the appeals.

The number 1/2019 is allotted to the Nawaz appeal. However, it was the first appeal that was filed at the start of year. NAB’s prosecutor and Nawaz Sharif’s lawyer will also appear in IHC for the hearing.

Nawaz Sharif convicted for 7 years in the Al Azizia reference and acquitted from the Flagship Investment case. The Accountability Court announced the verdict and he is arrested from the court after the announcement of the verdict. In addition, the court also ordered him to pay $25 million.


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