Al Azizia Reference: Wajid Zia Will Give Statement Against Nawaz Sharif


Islamabad: Wajid Zia, FIA Additional Director, will record statement against former PM Nawaz Sharif in Al Azizia reference on Monday.

Mohammad Bashir, the Accountability Court-I Judge will hear the Al Azizia reference. Nawaz and his family are confronting three defilement cases that are Al Azizia reference, Avenfield and Flagship. In the Accountability Court after NAB recorded references against them in light of the Supreme Court’s decision in the Panama Papers case a year ago. However, Wajid Zia, who headed the Panama case JIT that examined the Sharif family’s benefits a year ago. Now, it has just affirmed in the Avenfield properties reference.

On May 11, Wajid Zia exhibited subtle elements of cheques given by the previous head to his daughter Maryam. On March 27, Nawaz gave Maryam a cheque of Rs40 million, on February 14 one of Rs5 million and a Rs37 million cheque on May 10, 2016 was given. The hearing was then deferred until the point that Monday when Wajid Zia will keep recording his announcement.

On Wednesday, hearing the Avenfield reference, Accountability Court-I Judge Mohammad Bashir had commented that the court’s verdict against three references will be announced together. Nawaz Sharif, Hassan Nawaz, and Hussain Nawaz are accused in all three references. However, Maryam Nawaz and Captain Safdar are accused in the Avenfield reference.


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