Another case of medical negligence took child’s life in Karachi


Another case of medical negligence reported from Bilal Colony, Korangi where a child died due to a wrong injection administered by the doctor.

Dr Muhammad Imran has been taken into custody who was alleged for medical negligence. The bereaved family explained that they brought Razia, their daughter, to the hospital for the medical check-up as she had a high fever. There, the doctor administered an injection to her that, they claim, caused her death.

The medical negligence case has been seen the same as the baby Nashwa’s case. The family further reported that as soon as the injection was administered, Razia’s condition started to get worse and she died afterwards.

While the body was said to have been shifted to a nearby hospital for post-mortem, the medical facility’s administration said the deceased’s relatives took the body back with them before the post-mortem could be done.


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