Another Suspect Arrested Related to Ahsan Iqbal Assassination Attempt


NAROWAL: Another suspect in case related to assassination attempt on Ahsan Iqbal has been arrested.

21-year old Abid Hussain was accompanied by Azeem to the rally grounds on a motorcycle. Azeem had fled the scene after party workers had grabbed and subdued Abid when he fired a shot at Ahsan Iqbal. The accomplice, however has been arrested and is under investigation.

The assailant Abid, had shot the interior minister from the distance of 15 yards. After firing a shot, the party workers of PML-N who had come to bid farewell to Iqbal caught the assailant. The Assailant was then subdued and handed over to the police and Ahsan Iqbal was taken to local hospital. The interior minister was then flown to Lahore where he was shifted to ICU where two operations were performed.

The bullet fired from the 30-bore pistol, had pierced through the elbow of Iqbal and got lodged inside the stomach. After operations the elbow bone of the minister had been fixed but the bullet was left inside the stomach. The doctors had decided that taking out the bullet from the stomach presented with more risk. The bullet, where it has been lodged in the lower abdomen, poses no threat to the life of the minister.


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