Asad Umar left cabinet over reshuffling of energy with finance ministry


PTI leader and Federal Minister Asad Umar left cabinet as he was ordered to take energy ministry instead of finance.

Finance Minister Asad Umar left cabinet as the government desired him to take energy ministry. He announced his decision through his official twitter account and revealed about the cabinet reshuffling desired by PM Imran Khan. Here is his tweet:

Marriyum Aurangzeb, the PML-N spokesperson asked if Umar’s policies were so good and the problems were from the PML-N government, why was he asked to step down. She tweeted that:

Earlier, Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry tweeted on the whole situation that there is no truth in reports regarding changes in posts of federal ministers. The prime minister has the power to change ministers and the media should play a responsible role on this subject. He further added that the country is going through an important phase and such speculations create confusion which is not beneficial for Pakistan. He tweeted that:

On the other side, Zartaj Gul, the Minister of State for Climate Change also earlier denied reports and tweeted that:


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