Asia Cup 2018: Pictures of Pakistani Fan Girl Go Viral in India


Random Pakistani fan girl pictures from the crowd of Asia Cup 2018 match between India Pakistan goes viral in India.

 Although Pakistan has been thrashed twice by India in Asia Cup 2018, but pictures of a Pakistani female fan have won hearts on the other side of the border with her consistent presence to support the team in green.

While Pakistan side has not been able to make a mark in the Asia Cup 2018 India Pakistan contest, this Pakistani fan is a social media buzz in the cricket frenzy India.

Not just the Indian social media freaks talked about her, but even Indian bowler Ravindra Jadeja wrote on his Twitter:

The social media in India is following her with great interest. Every time she appears at the stadium, she becomes the eye candy of photographers and pictures of her start circulating on internet with fans making memes of this mysterious girl.

One fan shared, “Wo Aa Gayi… Dekho Wo Aa Gayi…”


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