Askari Park Accident: case registered regarding the ride crash


Karachi: The case was registered related to the ride crash in Askari Park accident.

The FIR was registered in Askari Park accident case against Park management and concerned people. However, it includes the murder and negligence charges. According to an initial investigation report, the ride in park was crashed due to the breakage of bolts.

The Askari Park ride fell apart after its ball bearing slipped as the bolts were broken. The 16 seater ride came on ground in Askari Park. However, it resulted in the death of one girl and injuries of 16 people. According to eye witnesses, they heard a loud explosion in the ride’s mechanism before it fell down on the ground.

The ride was opened for a trial yesterday but closed after the unfortunate accident. In addition, police also shut down Askari Park for public. Saleh Farooqui, Commissioner Karachi said that the park will remain closed till the full technical checkup.

Amusement parks in Sindh are closed till the final inspection

Chief Secretary for Sindh, Major (retd) Azam Suleman Khan, ordered to shut down all amusement parks in Sindh untill the completion of full technical inspection. He also formed the committee led by Deputy Commissioner for Karachi’s East District that will submit the report in next 24 hours.


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