CTD Caught Four Alleged Terrorists in Karachi During Raids


KARACHI: Four alleged terrorists in Karachi were apprehended during raids conducted by the CTD late Friday night. The terrorists belonging to a banned outfit, received training in Afghanistan according to Counter Terrorist Department official.

The raids conducted in various areas of the city by CTD resulted in four alleged terrorists being apprehended. The terrorists in Karachi were caught in the SITE area and University road, late Friday night.

According to Counter Terrorist Department official the terrorists named Kamran, Abdul Rauf, Kaiftan, and Irshad — with aliases Huzaifa, Abu Rizwan, Kifayat, and Zakariya, respectively, also had charity welfare fund (Chanda) receipts on them.

The authorities claim that the four apprehended have received their terrorism training from Afghanistan. The four belong to outfits that are banned in Pakistan and further questioning is underway, CTD official stated.

After rangers operation in Karachi, peace seems to have returned to the city, however; many terrorists are being arrested in raids showing that peace disturbing elements have not been rooted out completely but instead are in hiding. The police and Counter terrorist department seems to have gotten better at tracking terrorists and apprehending them though.


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