#BoycottMurree Viral on Internet After Mistreatment of Tourists in Murree


MURREE: The hashtag ‘#BoycottMurree’ is going viral after videos of mistreatment of tourists surfaced. In the video the locals of the city are seen abusing and beating up tourists.

The city of Murree is a famous tourist spot, with more than 10 to 15 million tourists visiting every year. However; the hoteliers there over price and are seen serving substandard food. Not only that  but they are seen abusing and misbehaving with the tourists, damaging the city and country’s reputation.

The transporters are also seen doing the same with the tourists, and now videos have surfaced of incidents. In the video it can be seen that people are getting beaten and abused on the streets of Murree.

The campaign was launched by friends and family who recently were victim of the misconduct by the locals. People have been taking on social media to spread awareness to avoid going to the tourist city or to go in groups.

Due to sky-high prices of hotels some people are even found sleeping on the side of roads. The food is very expensive and many times it has been seen that the hoteliers mistreat if someone complains.


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