Canadian Model Asoomii Jay Withdraws Sexual Harassment Charges


Canadian Model Asoomii Jay who alleged two men for the harassment has withdrawn the case saying that she feels safe in Pakistan.

The Canadian Model said in a video that she has recognised the men who harassed her but however, she wants to withdraw her plea against them.

“I have dropped all charges after I received a sincere apology because I truly believe in the concept of “it takes a village to raise a child” when I found out these boys were young and their families were being tormented, I understood their parents will deal with them at home for bringing shame,” she said.

The Canadian Model further said that the abuse she continued to get from some men and women was appalling. She prayed that intellect should prevail and the women could work together to bring change.

She also thanked the police department of Pakistan for helping her and praised Imran Khan’s new initiative citizen portal.

Thank you again to the police of Pakistan and Imran Khans new initiative Pakistan Citizen Portal which helped me make this report, Jay added.

Earlier this week the Canadian national was harassed and forced to take refuge in a shopping mall in Islamabad.

She later released a video in which she recounted the incident and said she faced a lot of backlash from the public, blaming her for the attire with some also saying that she has not been integrated enough to earn any respect.


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