Caretaker PM: Justice (r) Nasir-ul-Mulk to Take Oath Today


ISLAMABAD: Justice (r) Nasir-ul-Mulk will be taking oath today for position of Caretaker PM at Presidency.

Former Chief Justice, Nasir-ul-Mulk will be taking the oath on Friday, today, as caretaker PM of Pakistan.

Justice (r) Mulk was finalized by the opposition and outgoing PM Khaqan Abbasi on Monday. The decision was welcomed by many parties, including the major parties of Pakistan, PPP and PTI.

Justice (r) Nasir-ul-Mulk took oath as Chief Justice in July 2014. He served for 1 year before leaving the post.

The PML-N completed its five years term in office on 31st May, after midnight.

This time, however; a candidate for caretaker PM was chosen after consensus.

Justice (r) Nasir-ul-Mulk was born on 17th August 1950 in Swat, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. He graduated from Khyber Law College at the University of Peshawar. After which he passed as a barrister in law in 1996, London.

Justice (r) Mulk has also served as the acting Chief Election Commissioner of Pakistan while serving as Judge of Supreme Court.

Parties are expecting him to conduct clean and smooth elections, with his past experience of acting Chief Election Commissioner.


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