Caretaker PM Nasir-ul-Mulk Yet to Submit Asset Details to ECP


ISLAMABAD: PM Justice (r) Nasir-ul-Mulk has not yet submitted asset details to ECP even after 7 days to his appointment.

PM Nasir-ul-Mulk had taken oath on the 1st June, and more than 7 days have passed now since his appointment. However; PM Mulk has yet to declare his assets to the Election Commission of Pakistan.

In accordance to the Election Act of 2017, a caretaker PM, minister or cabinet member must declare assets within 3 days of his oath taking. Failing to do so, ECP has the power to revoke the membership of the parliament of that person.

Along with the caretaker PM, the federal cabinet is also yet to declare their assets to the Election Commission. The cabinet took oath on the 4th of June, so the 3 day deadline has also passed.

According to the ECP sources, that the commission has sent letters of reminder to the PM and ministers on several occasions. However; no response is yet provided by the receivers of the letters.

Along with the caretaker PM, the caretaker CM of Sindh has also not submitted his asset details to the ECP. Interim CM Fazlur Rehman had taken oath on 2nd June and is long behind deadline to declare his assets.

The ECP has said it will resend letters of reminder to the caretaker PM, Federal Cabinet and CM Sindh to submit their asset details in compliance with Election Act 2017.


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