Caretaker PM: No Consensus Even After Six Meetings


ISLAMABAD: No consensus was reached even after six meetings between PM Abbasi and Khursheed Shah for name of caretaker PM.

PML-N completes its tenure on 31st May and only a few days remain for the ruling government to step down. But a consensus was failed to reach even after six meetings between the Prime Minister and Opposition leader.

According to Constitution of Pakistan, the caretaker PM is decided after mutual consultation between Opposition leader to National Assembly and incumbent PM.

If failed to do so, both send names to a parliamentary committee, which elects a name after majority vote. If even the committee fails to decide a name within 3 days, the decision then rests in hand of Election Commission.

PM Abbasi has said he will meet Khursheed Shah today or on Monday for deciding on caretaker setup. He said if no name is decided in the upcoming meeting then both will submit two names to the parliamentary committee. After which the caretaker setup will be decided on majority vote.

However; Opposition leader to National Assembly, Khursheed Shah has said he does not wish to hold more talks. He said that even after six meetings, there was a deadlock for the name of the caretaker PM.

While talking to the media, Khursheed Shah said that PM Abbasi keeps backtracking rendering them unable to come to consensus.

Pakistan Peoples Party has proposed names of Zaka Ashraf and Jalil Abbas Jilani as its candidates for the position. While the government has proposed Justice (retd) Nasir-ul-Mulk and Justice (retd) Tassaduq Hussain Jillani, both of whom served as Chief Justice of Pakistan, as their candidates.


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