Chances of Rain in Karachi Today, Interior Sindh at Risk of Flash Floods


KARACHI: There are chances of monsoon rain in Karachi today, while interior Sindh is at risk of flash floods.

The Sindh capital is covered in clouds and the weather is pleasant with a breeze flowing inwards. People look up with wishful eyes for monsoon rains as yesterday people were disappointed with very light drizzle. The Meteorological department has given forecast of rain in Karachi today, very first of monsoon rains.

The Karachi Water and Sewerage department is on high alert in case of heavy rains. The department has made sure the drainage motors, generators and cranes are on standby in case of emergency. Drainage pipes in some areas have not been cleaned out even after orders of Supreme Court.

In the interior of the province there are chances of flash floods as preparations remain incomplete. Hyderabad city management has not come up with solution to cleaning drainage lines. If heavy rains occur chances of the water to flood the city is high.

Meanwhile in Badin the preparations to tackle flooding problem in case of heavy rains was also incomplete. If heavy rains do occur the Left Bank Outfall Drain (LBOD) is at a high risk. The LBOD was created years ago for leading rainwater and wastewater to the sea from Nawabshah, Mirpur Khas and Sanghar districts.


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