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Chilly Siberian Winds Will Finally Bring Winters to Karachi

Chilly Siberian winds will grip the metropolis over the weekend, according to Weather Updates Karachi.

According to the weather report, Karachi is likely to experience chilly Siberian Winds on Saturday and Sunday.

These chilly Siberian winds may reach to 30-35 kmph and gusting up to 45-55 kmph, the“>weather updatesfurther read. The effects of chilly Siberian Winds in Karachi will start from Friday and will increase gradually.

The chilly Siberian winds will turn the weather chilly and day temperatures may fall to 22 C-24 C whereas night temperatures are likely to fall to 9 C-12 C.

Further, according to the Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) weather will be dry and extremely cold in the northern areas over the next 24 hours.

Weather in Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Lahore will also be dry and cold.

Snowfall has been halted in Murree, Gilgit Baltistan and other areas. However, these places will be gripped by extremely cold weather and the increase in price of firewood and gas cylinders has made life difficult for the residents.

The lowest temperature was recorded in Kalam at-9 C on Wednesday.



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