China Port: new picnic point in Karachi closed for Public


Karachi: Authorities closed China Port for Karachiites after the issuance of closure order from the government.

China Port now closed for public and people can no longer visit the newly discovered picnic point. The place’s original name is China Port Deep Water Terminal and Oyster Rocks are also seen visible from the location. However, it is basically a long breakwater of about 2.5 Km that is built to protect South Asia Pakistan Terminal.

A makeshift blockade of barriers, old bushes, and wooden planks is now placed to block the entry of people. In addition, cops are also deployed that are stopping motorists on Marine Promenade leading to China Port.

Karachi Port Trust (KPT) revealed that strict security threats are arising due to the presence of large number of visitors. However, PNS Himalaya, Naval Academy PNS Rahbar, and Naval Dockyard lies near this place.

The place has tetra pods that were attracting people to visit this place. However, the rock filled pavement is built to protect near-by structures. However, tetra pods are placed in an interlocking pattern for that purpose.


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