Chinese consulate attack mastermind killed in Afghanistan


According to sources, Chinese consulate attack mastermind killed in the suicide attack in the southern Afghanistan.

Chinese consulate attack mastermind killed in Afghanistan, Kandahar province. However, Aslam alias Achu along with his 6 lieutenants died in the suicide attack.

Aslam as Taju Marri, Rustom alias Rosto, Rahim Marri and Nasir Baloch were among the slain aides. However, they are affiliated with Baloch Liberation Army or BLA since several years.

Aslam alais Achu got treatment at Max Hospital for several years. However, according to Pakistani security forces, he was the Chinese consulate attack mastermind.

In November, Two policemen were martyred and a security guard injured in an attack outside the Chinese consulate in Karachi.

After the attack, Prime Minister Imran Khan said the elements and motives behind this terrorist attack should be uncovered. PM Imran Khan termed the attack a conspiracy against Pak-China economic and strategic relations such as China Pakistan Economic Corridor or CPEC. He added that such attacks would not derail relations between the two countries.


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