Chinese National Rams Car into Pakistani Motorcylist in Islamabad


ISLAMABAD: A Chinese National rammed his into a Pakistani motorcyclist, wounding him in the Capital City last night.

It seems that everyone has more liberties than Pakistanis in the country of Pakistan. At first an American delegate rammed into two motorcyclists killing one in the process.

While the mourners lost a loved one, it seemed the government and police facilitated the escape of the delegate.

A similar case occurred, when a Chinese national’s car rammed a motorcyclist in the capital city of Islamabad on Tuesday night. The wounded, Zohaib, 24, was taken to the hospital immediately. The vehicle was taken into the custody by police.

The countrymen of the foreigner quickly reached the Kohsar Police Station where he was being kept.

Sources informed news that it was found the foreigner was underage and driving illegally, he did not possess a license.

Instead of charging the foreigner, police was trying to keep the matter quiet. According to sources, police pressurized Zohaib’s brother to not take legal action.

The police told the wounded’s brother to bury the problem and said that the foreigner will pay for his brother’s treatment.


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