CJP Nisar Tells Malik Riaz Charity Work Does Not Exempt From Justice


CJP Nisar during a Supreme Court hearing said to Malik Riaz that doing charity work doesn’t exempt anyone from justice.

Property tycoon, Malik Riaz appeared before Supreme Court hearing today. A three-member bench was presiding over the case headed by Chief Justice Saqib Nisar.

The hearing pertains to the housing society issuing notice of payment to people already allotted property in Bahria Town in the society’s account.

Earlier in May, the Supreme Court had issued orders barring Bahria Town to allot or sell land. It had declared that the property being sold to people was acquired illegally by the housing society.

Along with that the court had issued directives to additional registrar of the Supreme Court’s Karachi registry to open a special account for the purpose of facilitating the deposit of the amount that was outstanding over people allotted with property by the society.

During the top court’s hearing Riaz appeared in front of three-member bench.

The tycoon told that he was working on raising Pakistan’s living conditions to international standards. He said he built Bahria town for making Pakistan into a first world country from its current status of third world country.

Riaz directed the court’s attentions towards the facilities that Bahria town provides. He told the court of the world’s third largest mosque that was in the town. He also told there was an old-age home, a zoo, school and a state of the art hospital there as well.

But Chief Justice Saqib Nisar was unimpressed by the achievements of the tycoon. He told him that doing charity work does not justify illegal land grabbing. The top judge said that charity cannot be done over land that was acquired by bribing your way. Malik Riaz, however; denied any such claims and said he had never bribed anyone.


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