CJP says Elections 2018 Should Not Postpone


Islamabad: Chief Justice of Pakistan said the elections 2018 should not postpone according to constitution on this Thursday while attending an event honoring Asma Jahangir, the Human Rights activist. CJP Mian Saqib Nisar claimed that as far as he had studied the constitutional articles about elections, there should not be any delay. He said elections will be held on time. He said that even though he has duty to follow the constitution, apart from that duty he also has to make sure he does not breach the trust of the people of the country.

CJP’s Views on Martial Law

Chief Justice Saqib Nisar said that he is the last person to be expected to support Martial Law, he would resist even if he is the last person to do so. He said he would rather pack his bags and head home instead of supporting it.

CJP on Asma Jahangir

Chief Justice Pakistan Saqib Nisar said that it is not the right time to speak about topics of election and martial law as this event is held for honoring Asma Jahangir. CJP said that she had great leadership qualities and was one of the biggest humanitarians of the country. He said she was unlike any other person he had met, claiming she would voluntarily take cases of women who could not appoint a lawyer before he had the chance to appoint one for them. He said he does not have words to express how much of a great human being she was, who always fought for the poor and oppressed people of society.


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