CM Sindh Vows to Bring People of Thar Out of Darkness


KARACHI: CM Sindh Murad Ali Shah said that they wished to bring residents of Thar out of darkness. He said that while addressing a power plant inauguration.

While addressing the attendees of Thar Foundation’s launch event, the chief minister of Sindh, states that the city was part of his soul. He said that Benazir Bhutto and his father commenced work on this project together. CM Sindh Shah said that setting up Thar coal plant was one of the dreams of his leader.

Syed Murad Ali Shah said that former CM Sindh Qaim Ali Shah had vowed assistance to the people of Thar.

While talking of the hardships the party faced he said that the provincial government had offered the tender to international. He said that no one took up on the offer, saying  investors did not want to pour in funds for Thar.

CM Sindh said that the Sindh government then had to set up its own company and through it, partnered with a private venture.

CM Murad Ali Shah then commented on how Raja Pervaiz Ashraf provided an immediate guarantee which provided road infrastructure in Thar.

He said that Sindh government funded the company it had set up in order to finance Thar’s development. He noted that almost $1 billion has been spent on the project. Shah added that People’s Party had started to work for Thar with all of its determination. He said that the party is still determined to bring the people of Thar out of the darkness. CM Sindh said we will use the resources of the city for its people’s development.


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