CM Sindh Murad Ali Shah on Visit of Karachi Without Protocol


KARACHI: CM Sindh Murad Ali Shah is famous for his tours of Karachi without protocol. He was on a visit today as well where he reviewed progress of development projects.

Chief Minister Sindh Murad Ali Shah toured the city today without any protocol to review progress of projects. In tow with him were the provincial ministers and officers. While touring the city he had went to the MQM-P stronghold Azizabad area. He had a meal there, eating famed Nihari of Azizabad, saying that the wave of terror in the city has ended. He said that the city is no longer under the grip of fear spread by MQM. Continuing he added that Bilawal’s show of power at Tanki Ground in Liaquatabad is proof that the city has rejected MQM.

While on the tour he had also visited Lyari and had tea there, saying that Lyari still is and always will be PPP’s stronghold. CM Sindh said that they have not abandoned Lyari and development work is being done regarding water shortage. He added that two RO plants were made to provide water to the area but they had technical issues. Now they were fixed and are providing clean water to the area again and the shortage has reduced significantly, he stated.

CM Sindh Murad Ali Shah visited the Gizri Boulevard Bridge to inspect the progress of its development. He instructed the engineers that the bridge needs to be functional by 15th of May. Murad Ali Shah also visited the new flyover project near Sindhi Muslim Cooperative Housing Society and Shaheed-e-Millat road. He received a briefing on the progress by the engineers.

While in Lyari he also visited the shrine of Muhammad Shah Bukhari where he paid his respects.


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