CNICs to Transgender Persons Should be Issued Within 15 days: SC


Supreme Court has ordered the issuance of computerized CNICs to transgender persons within 15 days on Thursday.

Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Mian Saqib Nisar gave this verdict during suo-motu hearing of non issuance of CNIC to transgender persons.

The court inquired National Database Registration Authority (NADRA) chairman Usman Mubeen whether transgender persons were being issued CNICs.

The NADRA chairman informed Chief Justice that 90 per cent CNICs have been issued so far. He also said that NADRA is using mobile registration units to issue CNICs to transgender persons.

However, the chief justice said that he was expecting that all CNICs would have been issued by today to concerned transgender persons.

He further said that Supreme Court’s order for issuance of CNICs to transgender persons was not limited to Punjab.”

In response to this, the NADRA chairman said, “A meeting for representatives from all four provinces will be held sometime this month.”

Fountain House is a shelter facility that was recently opened in Rachna Town Lahore for transgender persons. Transgender people aged 50 or above are accommodated here. Transgender people are provided with food and medical treatment free of cost at the shelter home.

The law in Pakistan promises all the basic rights to transgender persons in the country. Unfortunately, they continue to face difficulties in getting access to such basic services.

Justice (Retd) Arif is the head of a special committee ensuring issuance of CNICs to transgender persons.

Justice Nisar said, “I had earlier asked that transgender persons should not be asked for medical certificates as it is not part of NADRA’s policy.”

Transgender activist Almas Bobby told the chief justice, “We are not called to any meetings.”

Responding to Bobby, CJP said, “I am hearing the case on the basis of human rights and there is also a lot of politics within the transgender community.”

Justice Nisar then ordered that the issue of non-issuance of CNICs to transgender persons be addressed within 15 days and adjourned the hearing of the case for an indefinite period of time.


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