Congo Virus in Karachi: Another case reported in the city


A ninth case of Congo Virus in Karachi is reported in this year by authorities.

Congo Virus in Karachi is prevailing as so far nine cases are reported in 2018. In addition, two of the affected people lost their lives.

In a recent case, a citizen was taken to Jinnah Hospital Karachi after he displayed symptoms of Congo Crimean Hemorrhagic Fever (CCHF).

CCHF is caused by Congo Virus, which is present on a tick attached itself to the cattle’s skin. People who come into contact with affected animals or ticks can get the viral disease. The main signs or symptoms of Congo Virus are headache, rashes, vomiting, high fever, back pain, stomach pain, and joint pain.

Congo Virus Prevention Tips

As Congo Virus in Karachi is growing, so here are some tips that you can take to prevent yourself.

  • Wear defensive apparel (long sleeves, long pants)
  • Wear light-shaded garments to permit simple discovery of ticks on the garments;
  • Use endorsed acaricides (synthetic substances expected to kill ticks) on apparel;
  • Use endorsed repellent on the skin and dress;
  • Regularly inspect dress and skin for ticks; if discovered, evacuate them securely;
  • Seek to wipe out or control tick pervasions on creatures or in stables and horse shelters
  • Avoid zones where ticks are bounteous and seasons when they are generally dynamic.
  • Avoid close physical contact with CCHF-contaminated individuals;
  • Wear gloves and defensive gear when dealing with sick individuals;
  • Wash hands routinely in the wake of tending to or visiting sick individuals.


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