Contaminated Water Causes 2 Deaths and 50 Sick in Awaran Balochistan


AWARAN: Drinking of contaminated water claims two lives and leaves more than 50 people sick yesterday.

Clean water is a scarce resource everywhere, especially in Pakistan. Many people are forced to drink muddy and dirty water, often making them sick. With wells drying due to drought and hot weather, people are forced to drink water from any source. Many people get sick, specifically in the rural regions of the Pakistan from contaminated water.

When the villagers of Tranch, a village near the outskirts of Awaran, consumed contaminated water from a pothole, 2 people lost their lives. More than 50 people were also reported to have gotten severely sick from consumption of the contaminated water.

The people were in critical state and were shifted to Lasbela Civil Hospital. Edhi Center had also dispatched emergency rations and medicines to the village for assistance.

Balochistan Chief Minister Abdul Quddus Bizenjo had ordered Shabbir Ahmed Mengal, the dep commissioner for the Lasbela district to commenced the relief work.


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