Court reserves decision on further extending Shehbaz Sharif’s remand


Court reserves decision on further extending Shehbaz Sharif’s remand

On Monday, an accountability court in Lahore reserved its decision on further increasing the remand of the former Punjab chief minister, Shehbaz Sharif, on the Ashiana Housing scheme case.

Shehbaz, the Leader of the Opposition in the National Assembly and Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) president was put in front of the accountability court today as the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) expected a 15-day extension in his remand.

On October 5, Shehbaz was arrested in the Ashiana Iqbal Housing Scheme case after he stepped in front of NAB in the Saaf Pani case.

On October 6, an accountability court in Lahore granted the anti-graft body a 10-day physical remand for Shehbaz Sharif. His remand was then extended on October 16 for about 14 days.

What Happened in the Hearing?

Shehbaz Sharif was with his counsels Amjad Pervaiz and Azam Nazir Tarar, in court for hearing. His son, Hamza Shehbaz, was also present during the hearing of the case.

As the hearing began, Shehbaz put forward arguments in his defense by himself.

“I have been implicated in false cases,” Shehbaz told the accountability court. “NAB officials blackmail me,” he said.

The PML-N president added, “I have blood cancer and they won’t even allow me to get my check-up done.”

“I came back from the deathbed. God is great and he gave me health. Last week, I requested NAB to get my blood test conducted and I have to remind them again and again to do so. I was told that they have told the higher-ups and when they receive an order they will tell me. I am required to regularly get my check-ups,” Shehbaz further said.

The leader of the opposition in NA stressed, “I am not even allowed to meet my family. Indian spy Kulbushan Yadhav was allowed to meet his family but I am not permitted to meet mine even once a week.”

The PML-N president further explained, “I have been blessed with a grandson and am thankful to God for it.”

After this argument, the NAB prosecutor expressed reservations, but Shehbaz responded expressed that he is a human and a Pakistani too. He urged the counsel to let people express their views.

He also stated that if “serving the province” is a crime then he will continue doing it as God’s court is the highest.

“I have rights which I am not being granted. I am being tortured but God willing this too will soon pass,” he added.

While reading out a verse, Shehbaz said, “Ye kaun bol rahā thā ḳhudā ke lahje meñ.”

Regardless, the Shehbaz’s counsels expressed silence over the heavy deployment of police at the court. “A curfew was imposed outside the court and even we were not being granted permission to enter the court premises,” the counsels said.


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