Cow Service in Karachi: Get your sacrificial animals washed in Rs 100


The Eid ul Adha is just around the corner. However, some people are offering the unique cow service for public.

Cow service in Karachi is available for just RS 100. Recently, a video became viral on the social media in which a person is doing cow wash service at a car station.  People lined up at the station revealed that their animals were dirty as they were sitting in the mud due to the bad condition of the cattle market.  However, a few days back, rain in Karachi worsened the situation of several cattle markets.

According to animals’ owners, they want their animals to be cleaned so they can remain safe from the diseases that spread through the mud or other infectious diseases. On the other side, hooves of sacrificial animals were also cleaned to keep them protected from infections. Here is a video:

Similar arrangements were also made at different car service stations in Karachi and are receiving a positive response from people.


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