Crack Down on TV Channels: PEMRA Took Action Against Fake News


PEMRA issues a show cause notice to two channels for stating fake news about finance minister Asad Umer.

PEMRA crack down on TV channels when the news about “massive reshuffle in the federal cabinet and changing of Asad Umar’s portfolio” was proven wrong.

The notice sent to ARY and BOL news stated that the channels ran a piece of fake news about a renowned personality Asad Umer on 11 AM Monday and it was declared rubbish by the information minister just after some time.

The crack down on TV channels showed that the channels showed the news without any authentication and questions and called it an utter disregard to journalistic ethics and PEMRA Code of Conduct.

The PEMRA notice also highlighted that the channels violated many rules of the PEMRA ordinance 2002, 2007 and 2009. It has also asked the channels to reply within two days.

CEOs of ARY and BOL are also said to appear in person on the hearing and verify the authenticity of the news report.

More Fake News:

Samaa, Jaag and Neo TV were also sent a notice from PEMRA for airing fake news against Shehbaz Gill, the spokesperson of CM Punjab.

Moreover, it has also taken on “rent-a-journos” who have been backing up this corrupt mafia and resultantly, all of them have united against the Imran Khan-led government, trying their best to fail him.

Mainstream media has been showing irresponsive behaviour in the race of news.

In such a situation, the role of an active PEMRA is the crucial need of the hour.


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