Cross-Examination of Witness in Ishaq Dar’s Assets Case Completed


The defense lawyer completed the cross-examination of witness Masood Al-Ghani in the Assets Reference Case against former finance minister Ishaq Dar on Wednesday.

An interim reference was filed against former Finance Minister Ishaq Dar by the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) in September last year. This initiative took place on the Supreme Court’s directives in the Panama Papers case. Ishaq Dar was accused in the case and has been desertion since November.

NAB even named National Bank of Pakistan President Saeed Ahmed, Naeem Mehmood, and Mansoor Rizvi in a supplementary reference. Both personnel are directors of a company owned by Ishaq Dar.

During the hearing on Wednesday, Defense counsel Qazi Misbah completed his cross-examination of Masood Al Ghani. Moreover, Adnan Shuja, assistant lawyer of Hashmat Habib, the counsel of the co-accused in the case also asked the court permission to take leave for Umrah.

Responding to this, accountability Judge Muhammad Bashir said that senior lawyer Hashmat Habib is already absent from the court due to health issues. The judge also remarked that “The trial is ongoing, how can you leave at this stage.”

At the last hearing on May 16 2018, another prosecution witness, Mohammad Azeem shown the cheques in the court, presented by Ishaq Dar to Hajvery Foundation.

On January 22, 2010, Ishaq Dar issued a cheque of Rs0.4 million. On 1st March 2010, he issued a cheque of Rs0.7 million.

Collectively, Ishaq Dar issued cheques worth a total of Rs65.3 million to Hajvery Foundation, Mr. Azeem, an official at a private bank, informed the court.

Mr. Azeem also said that he presented Ishaq Dar’s bank transactions first to NAB and then to the court. The witness also detailed the transaction history of the former minister.


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