Daniyal Aziz Disqualified to Contest Elections Over Contempt of Court


ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court has disqualified Daniyal Aziz from contesting the general elections on Contempt of Court charges.

The Supreme Court has convicted former federal Privatization Minister, Daniyal Aziz in contempt of court charges. Aziz after being convicted has automatically been declared ineligible to contest in the elections 2018.

The Supreme Court had reserved the verdict in the case during the last hearing on 3rd May. Today, on Thursday, the three-member bench headed by Justice Gulzar Ahmed announced the sentence.

The former federal minister was to contest elections on PML-N ticket from NA-77, Narowal-I. However; after the sentence he will be disqualified to contest the upcoming general elections.

The bench stated that they deliberately had given a softer sentence to the former minister. They removed 6 months in prison from the sentence that is given in Contempt of Court. He was just punished to be convicted till the bench rises.

The punish of conviction till the bench rises means, the person is to stay in court till the bench rises. This punishment is given to someone who is not sentenced to prison in the case.

Aziz, a PML-N loyalist had given some anti-court statements during the trial of his party supremo Nawaz Sharif. He had given statements against the Panama References against the former PM Nawaz.

He had said that the NAB references were orchestrated by Supreme Court Justice Ijaz ul Ahsan. Justice Ijaz ul Ahsan was the monitoring judge of the Panama case against Nawaz in Supreme Court.

He had also said that Imran Khan’s acquittal from his cases and the disqualification of Jahangir Tareen were scripted.


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