Daniyal Aziz Says Father Will Contest On His Behalf After Disqualification


ISLAMABAD: Former minister of privatization, Daniyal Aziz said that his father will contest in his place after disqualification verdict.

Daniyal Aziz had said that he had prepared in case he had become disqualified by the court today. He said his father has already filled nomination papers from NA-77, Narowal-I constituency. The former minister was given party ticket from PML-N to contest from NA-77 in upcoming general elections.

Aziz, a PML-N loyalist had been charged with contempt of court and today the verdict was announced. In the verdict the bench had found Aziz, guilty of contempt of court. He was disqualified from contesting elections of 2018.

However; he was not sentenced to 6 month imprisonment that is usually given to people charged with contempt. The bench had said it deliberately softened the conviction on the former minister.

Talking outside the court after his conviction of “till the rising of the bench”, he told his supporters not to worry. He said that his family is clean and neither he nor his family is involved in any corruption.

He said there are no corruption charges against me. Aziz also added that he and his party has always respected court and the institutions.

Aziz also told that his party did not lock-down Islamabad or attack institutions in reaction to court verdict. The sentence felt like a jab towards the 2014 sit-ins of PTI in Islamabad that lasted for months.

He further added that his party had strengthened the institutions of the state.

A three-member bench took a suo motu notice against Daniyal Aziz’s contempt of court statements in March.


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