Decision to be announced on Tallal Chaudry contempt case


The Apex court will announce its verdict on a contempt case against the former minister of state Tallal Chaudry on 2nd of August

The court had held the decision a month ago on July 11. The court had begun contempt proceedings against Chaudry by virtue of “derogatory and contemptuous speeches/statements” as to the court, as indicated by a notice issued on February 2.

Chaudry has been ordered by the apex court to ensure he is present in court during tomorrow’s proceedings. In his response to the contempt notice, Chaudhry wrote that scandalising the court or doing anything that tends to bring the court into ‘hatred, ridicule or contempt’ is ‘not even the last thing on the respondent’s mind.’

“Whatever has been said might have been taken into account without relevance to the context due to media reporting,” states the response.

“There is no allegation on the answering respondent that any action or conduct of the answering respondent tends to prejudice the determination of a matter pending before the court.”


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