Election Commissioner of Pakistan Chief Unveils the first election result


Chief Election Commissioner of Pakistan, Sardar Raza Khan announced that Chaudhary Muhammad Adnan of PTI (Pakistan Tehreek-e-insaf) has secured the first position with 43086 votes in PP-11 Rawalpindi-6 in the election result.

On late-night press conference yesterday, chief Sardar Raza Khan announced that there has been a delay in the election result due to a technical issue in the ECP system. The chief election commissioner expressed his unsatisfaction with the ECP system during the press conference and revealed that the election result was unfortunately delayed for two hours. He also said that he was displeased with the loud cry and chaotic response after just two hours in the election result.

During the conference, he also unveiled election result in a few selected areas, many of which either shocked the audience or pleased them. When making the announcement, he tried to display the results one-by-one. After the first result, he announced that another candidate, Raja Arshad of PML-N has bagged the second position with a total of 24,000 votes.

The election commission chief, Sardar Raza Khan also made sure to let the viewer know about these election result were unofficial and that these results are yet to be confirmed by the ECP (Election Commission Pakistan).

Apart from that, before mentioning the results, chief Sardar Raza Khan also thanked all the security officers, polling workers, and the stakeholders for helping with the elections. It was due to them that the elections went smoothly without any concern or worrisome problems. Moreover, he also thanked the army chief, Qamar Javed Bajwa for putting amazing efforts to maintain peace and order during the event of the elections.

In conclusion to the press conference, Imran Khan’s PTI has secured 111 National Assembly seats according to unofficial results. Meanwhile, Muslim League (PML-N) led by Nawaz Sharif has bagged the second position with 63 seats, Bilawal Bhutto-led Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) has collected 37 seats, and 20 seats have been collected by independent candidates across Pakistan.


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