ECP Releases Code of Conduct for Elections 2018, Bans Hoardings


ISLAMABAD: Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has banned hoardings and wall chalking in its code of conduct for elections 2018.

ECP has released code of conduct for the process of elections 2018 scheduled for 25th of July. According to the code of conduct the installation and use of penaflex and hoardings is prohibited. Election Commission has also fixed the dimensions on display posters and banners of candidates.

Along with other restrictions, ECP has also restricted using pictures of irrelevant people in the ad during campaign. The electoral body has warned of strict measures against violators of the code of conduct for the elections.

Election Commission has also issued a 14 point code of conduct for foreign observers. The code of conduct states that foreign observers need to obtain a accreditation card from ECP. In case of failure to obtain the card, foreigners will not be allowed to observe the election process.

Foreign Officials need to show official identification badges issued by ECP to security and election officials on request.

Foreign Observers are needed to respect sovereignty of Pakistan as well fundamental rights and freedoms of its people.

The foreigners are also required to perform well and display good behavior to people. They are also required to show respect and sensitivity towards customs and culture of locals. They are to maintain highest level of professionalism whilst presence during elections 2018.

Observers are to display respectful attitude towards ECP and state authorities including security officials.

Observers will not be allowed to be biased in regard to local authorities, political parties and candidates. They will remain impartial during the period of elections at all cost.


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