ECP Writes to NADRA, Demands Investigation of Leak of Details


ISLAMABAD: ECP wrote a letter to NADRA Chairman Usman Yousaf Mobin over alleged leak of details of voters.

The Election Commission of Pakistan ( ECP ) has written a letter to NADRA Chairman Usman Yousif Mobin.

The letter states that NADRA officials shared details of voters for election 2018 with unrelated parties. This is a clear violation of agreement between NADRA and the Election Commission, they asserted in the letter.

The letter also states that the unrelated people had access to the information of voters before it even reached ECP. NADRA was not allowed to share the data with anyone as per the agreement between them and Election Commission.

The election commission has demanded investigation into the alleged leak of voters data from NADRA chairperson.

Earlier on, PTI had demanded the removal of NADRA Chairman in a letter to the ECP. Imran Khan had also decided to send a petition to the ECP for the removal of Usman Yousaf Mobin. The petition stated that the current NADRA Chairman was appointed by the outgoing PML-N Government. It also said that he was aiding PML-N by providing them with data regarding voters for elections 2018.

On Sunday, NADRA had stated that the statements by PTI were baseless allegations. It said that it is not providing voters data to any party or aiding anyone by leaking information.


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