Imran Khan’s Launches Ehsaas Program for Poverty Alleviation.


Prime Minister Imran Khan on Wednesday launched the Poverty Alleviation Ehsaas Program, saying ‘We are also making a new ministry which will be for social protection and poverty alleviation.’

Addressing the launching ceremony of Ehsaas program, PM Imran Khan said “Pakistan is the first country that was made in the name of Islam. But what Islam teaches us and the model of Riasat-e-Madina; unfortunately no one ever researched it, we never looked into the depths of what made it such a successful society based on welfare and equality.”

Imran Khan further said, “It is my faith, that one day we will see a country where we will lift all out of poverty.”

“The first change we are bringing is that article 38-D which says we must feed people, take care of their health, it is a policy in the constitution. But we are amending it and converting it into a fundamental right.”

He said “We are also making a new ministry which will be for social protection and poverty alleviation. This ministry will coordinate with all institutions that work on poverty alleviation and centralise the efforts and coordinate.”

Over 3.3 million people will be covered under insurance in the next few years. Those who don’t get the cards will get health coverage from the Tahaffuz program, said the Premier.

He said we are launching help programs like Ehsaas program for street children, and for transgenders who are treated so cruelly in our society. There will be a special crackdown on bonded labour.

Even daily labourers will be helped and protected under our Tahaffuz program. Bait-Ul-Maal will fund homes for 10,000 orphaned children.

To help women, at village levels especially, we will empower them with livestock through which they can get milk, they could feed their kids.


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