Eight PM House Buffaloes Auction: All animals sold for Rs2.3 Million


Islamabad: The auction of Prime Minister House buffaloes completed.

Eight PM House buffaloes auction held and all animals were sold for Rs2.3 million. Earlier, they were under use of former premier Nawaz Sharif.

Prices for 3 buffaloes and 5 calves were paid in cash. Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) workers shown a great interest in the bidding.

However, during the PM House buffaloes auction, some bidders became angry. They said that the quoted price is much higher than their actual cost.

In reply, PM House officials said that those who are not satisfied with the price can leave. They further added that a cash payment to be made for the final transaction.

3 of the 8 buffaloes were sold for Rs385,000/-, Rs300,000/- and Rs330,000/- respectively. However, all buffaloes were bought by PML-N workers.

Calves were sold on lower prices Rs215,000, Rs270,000, and Rs182,000.

A buyer said that he had bought the buffalo out of affection for his leader Nawaz Sharif. He further added that he will keep these buffaloes at his farm house. Later, he will gift them to Nawaz Sharif.

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