Election 2018: NA-247 Karachi Will Witness a Tough Competition Tomorrow


NA-247 Karachi is a significant constituency of national assembly that is all set to see a tough competition from candidates.

In NA-247 Karachi, political analysts are expecting a tough competition among different candidates during Pakistan Election 2018.

The election fever already reached at its peak in the constituency. People are supporting their political parties and candidates through different means. Although, election campaign activities are stopped on the orders of ECP, but it also did not undermine the passion of voters.

Several political parties filed their candidates in NA-247 Karachi. In addition, independent candidates will also try their fortune in tomorrow’s election.

Who will be the winner from NA-247 Karachi?

It is hard to tell that who is going to win tomorrow as there is a mixed reaction from people about different candidates. The participation of heavyweights in the constituency also made it an interesting battlefield.

How to cast vote in NA-247 Karachi?

The process of vote casting is much simple. You just have to send your CNIC number without dashes on 8300 to be aware about your polling station. You have to visit the polling stations during the assigned polling hours that are 8 AM to 6 PM. The polling staff will provide you two ballot papers each for provincial and national assembly. Just put a stamp on your desired candidate and drop the ballot paper in their allocated boxes.


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