Election 2018: Narowal Police Will Employ Transgender Persons for Polling Duty


Narowal police came up with another creditable move to employ transgender persons for the Election Day duty.

The Pakistan Election 2018 has created various opportunities for transgender community in Pakistan.

The decision of taking assistance from transgender on July 25 was taken by the Narowal police due to the shortage of female police officers.

Narowal police staff has only 23 female officers, whereas 117 female police officers are fixed for the Election Day duty.

In order to meet the required duty count, several police stations in Narowal are considering transgender to fill the gap. There are 95 registered transgender in Narowal city.

When asked about this new job, a member of transgender community vowed, “We will fulfill our duty wholeheartedly, if employed for the role on the Election Day.”

Living up to the expectations, few days earlier, the Free and Fair Election Network, an independent think-tank, appointed around 25 transgender persons to work for the organization as election observers.

Representatives of the organization said that the job of the transgender persons, as election observers, is to observe and note down any violation of rights or act of discrimination against the vulnerable sections of the society at polling stations in the Pakistan Elections on July 25.

Any direct policy violations and observations would immediately be reported to presiding officers. Moreover, survey forms would be filled by the electoral observers (transgender persons) to report incidents of political violence. The survey form will then be submitted to the Election Commission of Pakistan at the end of the Election Day.


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