Election Commission Asks Parties to Submit Application for Party Symbols


ISLAMABAD: The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has asked all parties contesting in elections to submit fresh applications of party symbols.

According to Election Commission officials, political parties will be able to submit applications for this from May 15. However; the ECP has laid down conditions for allotment of election symbols.

One of the requirements is related to the representation of women from the parties. All parties that are enlisted with the Election Commission are to submit an affidavit for this. The affidavit should state that the parties will give at least five percent of their tickets to women. Failing to do so, the parties shall not be allotted election symbols by the ECP.

The Election Commission had lately clarified that it has not decided any particular date for general elections 2018. The clarification after reports on media that stated the ECP decided July 26 as the day to hold general elections. The circulation of media reports on election date had made the Election Commission issue a clarification statement.

The notice issued today stated that neither has a date been fixed for the upcoming polls nor is any  date being considered. The election commission further said there is no authenticity of any such report. Election Commission has also appointed district returning officers (DROs), returning officers (ROs) and assistant returning officers (AROs) for the upcoming general elections.

The ruling government will end its term in the end date of May, after which caretaker government will take over. The caretaker government will then conduct general elections after which the winning party will make the government. The date for registering name in the voter list has already passed and a name for caretaker PM has also been decided. Opposition Leader Khursheed Shah had said PM Khaqan Abbasi and him had agreed upon a name. The name will be revealed by the opposition leader on 15th May.


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