Election results 2018: Imran Khan’s (PTI) takes the lead with most seats


Election results 2018: Imran Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) takes the leads with 111 NA seats.

Millions of Pakistanis stepped out of their home to vote for change on Wednesday, the 25th of July for the consecutive democratic transfer of power.

Polling began early across Pakistan at 8 AM sharp and 85,307 polling stations were set for voters to cast their vote to their desired political party.

 Despite the calls by several political parties like PML-N, PPP, and PTI, the polling time was not extended and ended at 6 PM sharp. However, voters that were still inside were allowed to cast their vote before the station finally closed down.

Almost 12,570 candidates competed against each other for a total of 849 seats in the national and provincial assemblies.

However, due to violence three candidates were killed in either targetted attacks or killed with a suicide blast outside near a polling station in Quetta. This attack in Quetta also claimed at least 29 lives along.

Regardless, nearly 106 million registered voters stepped out of their home to cast a vote, this included women from areas where women are often held back from voting due to some reason.

After the counting, unofficial election results revealed PTI to lead with the most seats in the national assembly. While it’s supporters celebrated, PML-N rejected these election results and claimed that the election results are a rig committed by the officials.

However, ECP quickly denied and said although the system had unexpected glitches, “these elections were 100 percent fair and transparent”, said Chief Election Commissioner Sardar Muhammad Raza.

Unofficial election results started coming online after 7 PM, an hour after the polling ended.


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