Elections 2018: 12,570 candidates Contesting for 849 NA & PA seats


Election Commission of Pakistan has announced that 12,570 candidates will be contesting for 849 national and provincial assembly seats in General Elections 2018 to be held on 25th July 2018.

According to the data released by ECP, 3675 candidates are contesting for 272 general National Assembly seats, while 8895 candidates are in the contesting polls for 577 Provincial Assembly seats.

According to Election Commission, 1696 candidates will contest from Punjab, 872 from Sindh, 760 from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and 303 from Baluchistan for the 272 National Assembly seats.

From total number of 3675 candidates competing for NA seats, 44 are non-Muslims and 172 are women.

For Punjab Assembly 297 seats, 4,242 candidates, of which 174 are women and 32 are non-Muslims, will contest elections 2018.

For Sindh Assembly 130 seats, 2,382 candidates, including 91 women and 39 non-Muslims, are taking part in the elections 2018.

For KPK Assembly, 1264 candidates will compete for 99 Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly seats. The number includes 79 women and 20 non-Muslims.

Moreover, 1,007 candidates, including 42 women and 22 non-Muslims, are competing for the 51 Baluchistan Assembly seats.

On Monday, the ECP briefed Care taker Prime Minister Justice (Retd) Nasir ul Mulk as many as 20,700 polling stations sensitive.

The ECP also briefed the Care taker PM over possible wicked plans to sabotage the election process. It recommended the caretaker government to set up monitoring centres in all four provinces with the assistance of security agencies.

The ECP demanded the caretaker government to install CCTV cameras on sensitive polling stations, and to provide air support during the transportation of ballot papers to the polling stations.

Earlier, ECP in its statement announced to extend the time for polling in the July 25 general election 2018 by an hour in order to ensure the maximum participation of voters.


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