Elections 2018: Last Date for Appellate Tribunals to Decide Against Appeals on ROs Decisions Today


Today is the last day for Appellate Tribunals to decide on the appeals made against ROs decisions for elections 2018.

ECP formed Appellate Tribunals comprising of High Court justices to decide on appeals made on ROs decisions to accept reject nominations.

The ECP constituted 20 tribunals on June 19 on the date when scrutiny of nomination papers was finished by ROs.

The Election Commission had constituted 6 tribunals to KPK, 4 for Sindh, 2 for Balochistan and 8 for Punjab.

As per according to the new scheduled released by the electoral body, 27th is the last date for tribunals to decide on cases. The list of candidates after tribunals give decision will be issued on 28th.

29th June is the last date for any candidate to take back his nomination papers. After which the final list of candidates will be released on 30th of June.

The Election Commission will allocate the allotted electoral symbols to the parties.

Parties have begun their election campaigns in different cities across Pakistan already. Election Commission have also issued code of conduct for parties for the upcoming general elections.

The electoral body also released code of conduct for foreign observers as well. A team representing the European Union will reach the capital city of Islamabad today.

The team head Michael Galhar has said that thanks to the recent census conducted in the country, voter representation is better. He also praised the efforts of the Election Commission of Pakistan on their work for conducting free and fair elections.

Galhar said that many things might be different but the electoral body has managed to keep things under control.


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